You have either landed here by mistake or you are here because you want to be part of the lifestyle revolution. 

I do hope you're here for the latter, as I have to tell you, I am fussy about who I let in and if you're here for free stuff... nothing here is free, good things come for free but great things come at a price worth paying.

Become a member:

The work of a lifestyle revolutionary is ongoing, it takes heaps of confidence, passion and perseverance. I know that and I think you know that too, why else would you be here?

With that in mind, I need to tell you now that this is not a membership that you dip in and out of. This programme is not for Magpies who go off chasing the next shiny thing and wonder why they haven't yet come off the start line. Goals and actions take time, it takes a small steps approach to create habits that create tangible, long term lifestyle results... simply put, this revolution takes time.

Achieve More of Your Goals and Desires With New Found Confidence

Learn  The Secrets Of Successful People and Apply Them to Your Life

  • Start your journey to becoming a confident lifestyle revolutionary and achieving your lifestyle of choice by clicking the button now

  • Have instant access to all the resources you need to achieve your desired goals

  • Have ongoing support from like-minded (soon-to-be) friends and from me personally

  • Have unlimited access to all you need to start working towards your lifestyle goals, dreams and aspirations.

Become a Masters of Confidence Member

Everyone should have a lifestyle coach and I really mean that. Every successful person I know has a coach whom they have worked with for years, if not decades.

I understand that not everyone can justify paying £100+ per hour for a coach. This membership package is the answer, it's the very reason I designed this in the first place.. to make coaching accessible to everyone. You get access to a 6 module Confidence Course, a Monthly Newsletter, Live Coaching Support, Peer Support, all the Resources you need to start moving forward, Special Bonus Videos and MP3s and so much more, take a look below!

In all the years I have worked with individuals, I find the biggest barrier to achieving specific desires is confidence. This membership shows you how to gain confidence in any area you choose, developing skills and techniques along the way that prepare you for the journey ahead; you are then fully equipped and to effectively work towards those lifestyle goals which, until now were in the back burner. You won't get this kind of value anywhere else.

Think about this for a moment, how much does a good cuppa or, in my case, the odd cup of Cappuccino cost these days? £2.35  (at Costa) that's how much, and most wouldn't bat an eye at buying a cup daily on their way to work. This membership will cost you less than, yes LESS than £1 a day... yes I am a cheap and shameless hussy, selling my wares for much less than their true worth, but I think you're worth it... questions is, do you think you're worth it? Is your lifestyle revolution worth that investment?

If like me, you are a doer who just needs some direction, you need to be here with me and others like you.

Just in case you're wondering, yes, I have a business coach and two mentors keeping me on track too.

Hell everybody needs a good honest sounding board who they pay to kick them up the arse from time, and get them to focus on what's important. Sometimes we get so caught up in 'life' that it's easy to forget you have dreams and aspirations which, with the right help, you can turn into reality.

  • You Get:

    MONTH 1

    • 1st Module of a 6 Module Confidence Course
    • Bonus Guide
    • Videos
    • Audios
    • Live Weekly Coaching Support (recorded for playback)
    • Additional Resources and Worksheets
    • 3 page Monthly Newsletter
    • Once a Month Teleclass
    • A once a quarter Action Plan Critique to keep you on track
    • Members Only Discounts & Privileges

    MONTH 2

    • All of the above
    • Plus 2nd Module of the 6 Module Confidence course

    MONTH 3

    • All of the above
    • Plus 3rd Module of the 6 Module Confidence course
    • Your first request for your Action Plan critique and guidance

    Note: each of the Six modules of the Confidence Course will be released in order on a monthly basis.

  • What it's Worth

    1st Course Module Value: £260                                                                                                                         Bonus Package Value: £580                                                                                                     Monthly Coaching Annual Value: £3600                                                             Resources: £1860+

    Plus members discounts and privileges

    Total package value: £6,300+

  • You Pay:

    No joining fee

    Just manageable monthly installments of £29.99.

    Total Annual Savings: £5,467+++!